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CLAIMS PROCESS Our representatives work closely with your customers throughout the process – from initial response through final resolution – to provide fast, caring service and get them back on the road quickly.   Here’s how it works:   Step 1: Claims reporting is easy. READ MORE >>

  What to Expect When a Catastrophe Strikes When catastrophe strikes, Safeco Insurance is there While handling a claim for a car accident or a loss due to a leaky roof may be routine for claims professionals at Safeco, we understand that filing a claim is never routine for you – especially after a significant event. READ MORE >>

Here’s the perfect present for the apartment dweller on your gift list, whether it’s your child, your neighbor (particularly the one who forgets to return things) or maybe even yourself: Apartment repair tools, or perhaps an entire toolkit. We’re talking about the basics. READ MORE >>

46Share Understanding Business Owners Policies (BOPs) Understanding Business Owners Policies (BOPs) SMALL BUSINESS BASICS It may sound like a dance craze from the 1950s, but a BOP—a Business Owners Policy—can protect your small business against today’s most common risks. READ MORE >>

Did you know your valuables Aren't Protected by your Landlord's Insurance? If you're renting an apartment, a condo, or a house, your valuables aren't covered under your landlord's policy. They're also not responsible for supporting yor living expenses if you're out of your home during a claim. READ MORE >>

What Is Homeowners Insurance? What Is Homeowners Insurance? Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it. Homeowners insurance is a package policy. READ MORE >>

What Is Covered by a Basic Auto Insurance Policy? But Purchaser you have to ask for these Coverages if the Insurance Agent forgets to ask you. Be aware of what auto insurance coverages is suitable for you. Call 972 820 7000 ask Streamless Insurance. What Is Covered by a Basic Auto Insurance Policy? READ MORE >>

First Problem: Almost 13% of drivers — that’s around one in every eight — are uninsured causing $2.6 billion in claims according to the Insurance Research Council. Solution A standalone umbrella with excess UM/UIM (uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist) is insurance for your insured’s benefit. READ MORE >>

What does renters insurance cover? More than you’d think. In the simplest form, the following and much more: Your belongings Your place & your guests from mishaps Hotel expenses (if you need a place to stay) Call us at 972 820 7000 to get Free Renters Insurance Quote! READ MORE >>

Removing Your Children from Your Policy You may want to remove your children from your policy when they no longer live with you. You'll probably have to prove to the insurance company that your child has moved. You can use documents like a driver's license, lease agreement, or utility receipts to show that your child has a separate address. READ MORE >>

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